Hayleys Energy Services Lanka (HES)

Hayleys Energy Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (HES) is involved in providing logistic support services for the International O&G companies. Our oilfield support services include, integrated logistics, procurement, engineering/as built drafting services and contracted services to the oilfield. The management team of HES boasts over 100 years of shared experience between them, in diverse roles within the O&G industry.

HES brings resources and synergies of Hayleys Advantis Ltd., the transportation and logistics arm of Hayleys PLC, one of the largest Sri Lankan multinationals, fully geared to provide support services to the oil and gas exploration and development activities.

Hayleys Energy Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd possess a large, diversified resource portfolio through its well diversified group and thus has the capability to offer integrated support services to the Oil & Gas companies both in upstream and downstream. HES operates safely and reliably, meets strict environmental standards, develops and applies advanced technology and continually improves it efficiencies.

Hayleys Advantis Limited

Hayleys Advantis Limited holds the transportation interests of the Hayleys Group; a diversified multinational conglomerate which occupies a premier position in Sri Lankan commerce. Counting over fifty years of expertise in the transport and logistics sector, we are pioneers in the local shipping and freight forwarding agency business providing comprehensive end-to-end logistics solutions; from packing personal effects to logistics support to national infrastructure projects to the global movement of cargo.

Advantis today….

  • Accounts for approximately 10% of the container throughput in the Port of Colombo.
  • One of the largest Shipping and Freight Forwarding agency houses in Sri Lanka, representing some of the world’s leading shipping lines and freight forwarders.
  • Market Leader in 3rd Party Logistics services with modern multi-user warehousing and distribution facilities in South Asia, managing our own and third party facilities.
  • Represents the world’s largest air express freight forwarding company FedEx.
  • One of the largest car carrier handling agents in the Port of Colombo.
  • Most subsidiaries are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2007 and OHSAS certified.

More Info : www.hayleysadvantis.com

Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

It is the policy of Hayleys Energy Services to manage all activities and operations in a responsible manner that protects the health and safety of its employees, contractors and public and minimizes any adverse impacts on the environment.

Sustainable development has been a key focus within HES culture, inspired by its parent company Hayleys who has a long standing track record for integrity, ethics and good governance. In recognition of its efforts it has won numerous accolades for being a good corporate citizen. Best corporate citizen Award for consecutive 05 Years

At HES environmental sustainability is considered a continuous process that requires prudent use and preservation of our natural resources. Therefore HES is an active and committed partner in the communities where we live, work and conduct business.

We are dedicated to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Sustainable environment issues, such as preservation of natural resources, energy efficiency and climate change, are issues that require thorough analysis and stakeholder dialogue beyond borders.

A Green World

A safe working environment is of paramount importance to any organization and its great asset, PEOPLE. In this context, Hayleys Energy Services take pride in adhering to the strictest standards in safety, striving to maintain a ZERO accident rate for all our operations.

We have initiated a group wide active EHS committee who constantly monitors, identifies, suggest and implements appropriate EHS methods. Out of several measures, frequent training sessions on EHS, Presentations, Demonstrations and pre & post Project Safety briefings and sharing of learnings are some key initiatives, helping HES to constantly be up the mark on the ‘ZERO Accident’ free environment. We manage our activities under an Integrated Management System with the processes being aligned to