The oil and gas project team of Hayleys Energy Services, won multiple team and individual awards at the Advantis Awards 2018, held at the Eagles' Lakeside Banquet & Convention Hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 29th September 2018. The awards were honored to the top performers among the staff of the subsidiaries and shared services units of Hayleys Advantis Limited under seven awards categories, Service Excellence; Innovative Ideas; Significant Contributions to Environment, Health & Safety; Leadership; Team Spirit; Success Stories and Other Achievements.

The oil & gas project team became the proud owners to the “Success Stories” award for winning a complex offshore logistics project for the country and successfully executing Sri Lanka’s first landmark Off-shore Semi-Submersible Oil Rig offloading Project in Trincomalee Anchorage. The team was recognized for the extra-ordinary manner in which a new business concept was successfully brought to life.  Hayleys Energy Services secured all Marine & Logistics requirements of the operation including supply Tug Boats, Material Handling Equipment, Bunkers, Crew Changes, Engineering work and Chandelling services for the operation. The Heavy lift career “Mighty Servant 1” with the Semi-Submersible Oil Rig “Olinda Star” arrived in Trincomalee on 3rd November 2017 and the Rig was off-loaded on 14th November 2017.

Further, the team was honored with the “Overall Award” of the night for upholding the values of the company and securing the opportunities to serve above and beyond the call of duty. Meantime, the Strategic Business Unit Head, Ricky Barnett won the award for “Leadership” recognizing his ability inspire others to achieve higher standards of performance and delivering proven results within or outside the organizational structure.