Hayleys Energy Services wins team award for “Success Stories” at Advantis Awards 2016!

The oil and gas project team of Hayleys Energy Services, won the team award in the ‘Success Stories’ Category at the Advantis Awards 2016, held at the Eagles' Lakeside Banquet & Convention Hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka on the 3rd February 2017. The awards were honored to the top performers among the staff of the subsidiaries and shared services units of Hayleys Advantis Limited under seven awards categories, Service Excellence; Innovative Ideas; Significant Contributions to Environment, Health & Safety; Leadership; Team Spirit; Success Stories and Other Achievements The oil & gas project team became the proud owners to the award for making use and exploring the possibility to leverage on Sri Lanka’s strategic position and its Hub status to intercept large Rig moves passing the country. With setting of the “Advantis Free Zone” under the Hub Act. Hayleys Energy Services identified a good opportunity and developed a suitable business model to present the International market a sound business plan to bring down Rigs to Sri Lanka providing storing facilities, service & repairing and exporting, using Sri Lanka as a Hub for region. As a result, Hayleys Energy Services managed to secure Sri Lanka’s for Oil Rig movement, beating the proposal of “Hamriyah Free Zone” to store, repair and modify “Lewek Explorer 600K Rig” which belonged to a listed company in the Singapore Stock Exchange, EMAS Energy Services (Thailand) Ltd. The team was honored for upholding the values of the company and securing the opportunity to serve above and beyond the call of duty.